Lyon Township has passed a Public Dock Permit Ordinance. The summary of the Public Dock Permit Ordinance, No. 62, was adopted by the Lyon Township Board at a regular meeting on August 15, 2017.


An Ordinance to regulate the licensing, installation, and removal of public docks in Lyon Township, Roscommon County, Michigan and to repeal all conflicting Ordinances or Parts of Ordinances to become effective September 1, 2017; to define the requirements, permit procedure; to establish the duration of the permit, permit requirements, and revocation and removals; to provide for administration and enforcement, and fix penalties for the violation of this ordinance; and to repeal all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict therewith. A full copy of the new ordinance is available for viewing at the Lyon Township Offices, 7851 W. Higgins Lake Drive, Roscommon, Michigan and is also available on this site under the ordinance tab.

Also see Act No. 56, Public Acts of 2012 Approved by the Governor March 22, 2012 for more information: Senate Bill No. 778

Swimmer's Itch & Higgins Lake

Higgins Lake -  2018



There are 3 specific things you can do to help fight the battle against swimmer’s itch:

1. important iconReport A Common Merganser NEST on Higgins Lake

Early spring (from ice-out until May 31) is the time of year when common mergansers nest on Higgins Lake. If you see a single common merganser flying and landing on the same tree on more than one occasion, there’s probably a nest nearby. Click on the link above to report the location of a common merganser nest.

2. Report A Common Merganser BROOD on Higgins Lake

From June 1 – July 15 the single most important thing you can do to help us control swimmer’s itch is to report any common merganser broods you see on Higgins Lake (click the appropriate link above).

If you aren’t sure that the brood you saw are common mergansers, click on the link anyway and you’ll be shown pictures to help you determine their identity.

3. Report A CASE OF SWIMMER’S ITCH on Higgins Lake

There has been a significant reduction in the severity of swimmer’s itch cases again this year. Please use the link above to report any and all swimmer’s itch cases on Higgins Lake in 2018. Thank you.