Officials & Employees


Contact Information
   Phone # 989 - 821 - 9694   
 Name  Extension  Email Address 
 Receptionist - Lenette Tomak  ext 200
 Clerk - Terry Cleeves  ext 201
 Supervisor - Edward Nellist  ext 204
 Treasurer - Craig Williams  ext 202
 Trustee - open position as of Oct 01, 2019 *see below  ext 200
 Trustee - Eric Carlson  ext 200
 Deputy Clerk - Mary Kelly  ext 210
 Deputy Treasurer - Ann Williams  ext 202 *use Treasurer email
 Deputy Supervisor - Diane Nellist  ext 209 *use Supervisor email
 Ordinance Officer & Sexton -  Dennis Dailey  ext 206
 Electrical Inspector - Denny Kiroff  ext 200  *use above receptionist email
 Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector - Paul Kile  ext 200  *use above receptionist email
 Fire Chief - William Cleeves III  ext 200
 Assessor - Julie Tatro  ext 203
 Building Inspector & Zoning Administrator - Dave Doll  ext 206


Lyon Township seeking applications for a Board appointed

Trustee Position

This position will be to fulfill the remaining term from November 2019 until the November 2020 Election. Requirements: Must be a resident of Lyon Township. Must attend monthly work sessions and meetings. Understand operation of township government to include policies, ordinances, to participate as a board member and have knowledge of committees, good communication skills, policymaking skills, leadership abilities and ability to understand the financial matters affecting the Township. Please email/mail/ or hand deliver a letter of interest/resume to Terry Cleeves, Lyon Township Clerk, 7851 W Higgins Lake Dr, PO Box 48, Higgins Lake Mi 48627 or by Friday, October 18th, 2019, 3:00 pm.